Our terms of service are the understandings required between our company and clients, to facilitate quality service delivery. All clients are expected to read through, understand and accept these terms before engaging our services.

1. Payments & Refunds

Clients must make prompt payments for services to enjoy the best experience from us. Delayed payments directly increase our cost of operation and can lead to unsatisfactory service or cancellation of such.

Clients are in most cases required to make full payment before commencement of work. Clients who require longer payment plans must make that clear at the onset for appropriate steps and adjustments to be made to our pricing.

Refunds may be made to clients if services are cancelled, depending on the amount of resources (including time) already committed to the client or service. The percentage of refund to be made will remain at the discretion of the company.

2. Pricing & Invoices

Our website and our Sales Department are, in that order, the authoritative source of current pricing for our services.

Invoices are only valid for a week. Clients should request invoices only when they are ready to make payment and move forward with a service. If an invoice remains unsettled after a week, clients must request a new invoice or confirm with our Sales Department before making a payment.

3. Contracts

Our invoices and receipts, and other agreements inherent in our communications, serve as binding contracts between our company and clients.

Clients who require unique contract documents like MoUs, NDAs or Service Agreements between us may draft such documents and present them to us for perusal and signing.

Our prices may be adjusted accordingly if the volume of paperwork required for a service eats up the cost of the service itself. This would be necessary because our services are priced at cost, or kept low and “essential,” and not all packages may have already been adjusted for the extra paperwork.

4. Testimonials and Credits

As a common industry practice, and without compromising the privacy of our clients, we may at our discretion and where we find it completely harmless, post on our website, social media or other outlets, samples of works we have done for a client and/or feedback we have received from them as testimonials or reviews, and link back to the client’s own online channels or contacts. This practice inures as much benefit to the client as it does for us.

Clients who however do not want such credits to be taken by our company may request that specifically at the start of our engagements so that it may be avoided altogether, or to request a take down if such information has already been published.

Do note that clients who opt out of this practice may be exempt from special discounts or subsidies on our services where applicable.

5. Other Terms

We offer a wide range of products and services. Different services may require different understandings between our company and clients for smooth service delivery, and as such do note that other terms of service may be communicated to accompany this one, depending on the service request, and that such documents should be considered as one whole.

6. Communication

Clients are encouraged to as much as possible adopt textual communication (e.g. Direct Messaging [DMs] or email) in their engagements with us.

Oral communication (e.g. frequent calls or meetings) is often more time consuming, and prone to misinterpretation and forgetfulness by either party.

Textual communication is not only more efficient and helpful for productivity, it also ensures we have a reference of all conversations had at any point in time, to ensure services are delivered exactly as requested, and to help resolve confusions should any arise.

7. Points of Contact

Clients and the general public have 3 points of contact with our company.

    1. Sales and Marketing Department: available for all client inquiries, comments, proposals or sales needs, or to relay information to another team or department. This is the first point of contact for all clients and the public, available via:
      1. Phone: +233 272 693 211 (also on WhatsApp and Telegram)
      2. Email: create@allthingsad.com
      3. Social Media: @allthingsadnow
    2. General Manager: conversations our Sales and Marketing Department is unable to handle may be escalated to our General Manager for further assistance. This point of contact also represents our management in general including Human Resource and other supporting departments and may thus receive communications targeted to such other departments via:
      1. Phone: +233 303 964 215
      2. Email: hello@allthingsad.com
    3. Board of Directors: The board of directors, represented by the company secretary or board chairperson, may attend to issues of sales that remain unresolved by Management. We guarantee all clients that these offices are separate and will attend to issues impartially. The Board is the final point of contact for clients and the public. The Board also handles issues of business partnership, and policy and structural decisions of the company, available via
      1. Phone: +233 (MTN number)
      2. Email: board@allthingsad.com
      3. Post: ℅ Winguardian, P. O. Box GP 2029, Accra – Ghana

Clients are expected to access these contacts in the order they are presented; issues that are escalated to the General Manager or Board should reference a conversation with a preceding department in order to receive the needed attention.

Clients CANNOT have access to other staff of the company. This is to protect the interests of clients as well as our staff and company itself. It, among other things:

  1. Ensures consistency and avoids back-and-forth or discrepancies in our communications
  2. Helps present the company’s own true and harmonised position, on any matter
  3. Ensures better responses since our designated representatives have a broader understanding of the company’s services, approaches and other information that may be required by others
  4. Allows the core staff to be productive in their specialised roles, focusing on their deliverables
  5. Facilitates resolution of issues in a manner approved by the company
  6. Prevents abuse of core staff with respect to their time or client service

Furthermore, even though we may assign staff to a client’s work, clients do not hire our staff directly, but rather our company, and thus only have a contract with the company and not its staff.

8. Agreement

These terms may be communicated orally or in text, or presented as is to clients, in parts or as a whole, or clients may be notified of the existence of these Terms of Service for their own perusal, before a service is rendered.

Our Terms of Service are updated as and when necessary, and any new modifications made apply from the date of modification onward, to new and old clients alike.

Clients confirm to have read and/or understood, and agree to these terms on receipt of payment from the client for a service.